About Us

Thank you for visiting The Dispensary Experts. You might be wondering who we are. And what exactly we do. Possibly even why we do it. Well, take a minute to read this page and we’ll tell you our story.

We are a group of highly successful dispensary owners that believe more people should have access to dispensary ownership information.

A while ago we were all together, vacationing in Orange County, CA and ended up finishing our vacation in San Diego, CA.  One of those long lazy days we started talking about how the country is changing and how medical marijuana is going to be mainstream very soon.

This was very different than what we had experienced when we decided to open our dispensaries.

We continued to talk and decided to look up just how many new dispensaries were opened in 2014, after Colorado legalized recreational use. We were surprised to read that as of September, San Diego county only had one dispensary.

We all decided we wanted to help move progress forward in any way we could. We thought that the overwhelming rejection rate was the bottleneck in opening more dispensaries.  We spoke to Eugene Davidovich, who leads the Alliance for Responsible Medicinal Access who said “This is a very exciting time and a great step forward for people who need permanent, safe, and accurate information with their access to medicine that works.”

After hanging up the phone, we all realized we needed to help people get approved as we all had years before. We researched the top reasons people were rejected as well as approved and go to work on the products we offer. We are both proud of them and are absolutely certain they are the best information guides on how to open a dispensary online or on Amazon today. And by A LOT.

We want to be known as the group that is responsible for the most open dispensaries in the country. And we track these stats as well. That’s why our pricing is so affordable. We want to allow access to everyone interested in opening a dispensary but doesn’t know where to start. Or doesn’t realize how critical the business plan is. And even those who have never even seen a professional business plan, let alone a dispensary specific plan.

Now we have a host of templates, guides, information packs and more to ensure people who have no experience in this industry can learn quickly and understand and navigate the process easily. That ease of use, was extremely important to us, as the states tend to list the guidelines and regulations in a way that discourages people and aren’t very clear.

It was also important that we support our customers all the way through. That we reply to every email and question that is sent to us.

We own some of the most profitable dispensaries in the entire country. We all own more than one as well. But our goal is to get more dispensaries open, help more people, and apply the greatest amount of pressure on our country to change it’s stance on marijuana.

By helping you, we all can affect change in our country.