Employee Issues in a Marijuana Business

user Employee, password SkillsWe can’t always do everything on our own! Sometimes we all need a little help. Whether you are opening or currently running a medical marijuana delivery business, you may want to consider hiring employees. Being the boss is not always easy, especially in such a new and emerging field. We’ll go over some helpful tips and ideas to make sure you hire the best candidates for your medical marijuana business.

Background Checks

So you want to hire your best friend from middle school. He was a great dude back in the day, you two go way back, so he’s a great guy. Well, that is probably true… but what if it isn’t?

Obtaining a background check for each and every person you hire is critical to your medical marijuana delivery service.

Background checks are quick and inexpensive. There is no reason not to go through the process before officially bringing anyone onto your payroll.

Employees will have access to medical marijuana, cash, and personal information while working for you in your weed business. Those things may be tempting for anyone, so it is important to weed out any potential threats. It is a good bet to verify that your potential employee, friend or not, does not have a criminal record.

Medical ID Cards

Just as it is helpful for you to have your own medical marijuana ID card when you open your business, it is a good idea for any employees to have one as well.

Your clients will be more likely to trust you and your employees if they know you use the product as well. Customers like talking to someone with first-hand knowledge on the product they are shelling out their hard earned money for.


A good rule of thumb is to package your product in a plain brown or white paper bag. Place an order form and receipt in the bag. If your employee is driving the only information they need is the name, address and amount of order for the client.

This means you can seal the package. Let the client know that when they get the delivery of medical marijuana that the package will be sealed. This will prevent any temptation your employee may have to pinch a little off the top for their own use!


When your clients take possession of their marijuana order from your delivery service, have the client sign off that they received it and that it is correct. This will help to avoid receiving any calls later saying that the product was short or not up to standards.

Make sure you have all proper paperwork filled out and correct for each employee. This is important for both your records and tax purposes.


Uniforms are a great choice for a professional service such as your marijuana delivery business.

Khakis and a polo shirt is a universally accepted professional look, and is often used for delivery drivers. This is a perfect look to adopt for your medical marijuana delivery business.

Establish a standard of excellence for your staff. Require that each person come to work well-groomed and presentable. Have your employee cover up any offensive or inappropriate tattoos.

Employees should always have clean shoes as they will most likely be entering the client’s home.


Your employees should always maintain a professional demeanor!

You will be working with all types of people in your marijuana delivery business. Many individuals are suffering from ailments and diseases that may leave them not feeling well, grumpy, tired, or weak. Keep this in mind, as it is important to be empathetic to your patients at all times.

Making deliveries on time should be a top priority.

Remember, your employees represent your company and you!

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