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If you are paying attention to the medical marijuana industry, you probably already know that medical marijuana dispensary owners are raking in cash opening marijuana dispensaries. More than 70% of these owners end up opening multiple locations because they are cash cows and sell products people have been waiting to purchase legally for a long time.

Now you can learn directly from dispensary owners about how they did it, how to do it easily, and how to do it legally. And make a lot of money with your business.

The information you are about to receive has been customized to give new dispensary owners everything they need to be wildly successful. And it’s the only proven system. The owners that used our system have thousands of reoccurring patients, and are all extremely profitable.

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The information in The Definitive Guide To Starting A Lucrative Dispensary has been tested since the first handful of marijuana dispensaries initially opened. And as time has gone on, they had to guess at how to change their business using trial and error. But you do not!

This system is all-inclusive and it covers every single bit of information (nothing left out) you’ve ever wanted to know about how to open a dispensary the right way.

Dear Entrepreneur,

Just imagine being able to get your own legal dispensary process started in just 3 days (or less) without any time wasting, confusion, expensive lawyer consultations, and missing critical pieces you need to be successful quickly and easily.

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Well, by interviewing lawyers, dispensary owners, and law enforcement, we’ve packed this easy to use system with the most up-to-date, cutting edge information on how to open a legal dispensary.

This information was gathered over a significant period of time to ensure there was nothing left out. We painstakingly researched; gathered data from multiple dispensary owners, build a proven plan to success, and compile it into this amazing new system.

And it’s all repeatable if or when you want to open new locations! This system works whether you’ve just began looking into it or have been considering it for a while but weren’t sure how.

Here’s just a few things you’ll discover in ” The Definitive Guide To Starting A Lucrative Dispensary” eBook:

  • Obtaining the required City and/or County Business Licenses with a few easy techniques…
  • 4 hidden secrets, that will allow you to find leasing space with no trouble at all
  • For the first time ever revealed, highly hidden tricks and techniques from dispensary owners in the business that few people ever know about including costs, how to find a location, buying & selling product, growing product, who to hire, customer check-in procedures, payment processing, insurance, accounting, and how to get your customers coming back to you every time.
  • The simple ways to networking and outreach with elected officials and law enforcement so they want you opening a medical marijuana dispensary in their community!
  • The handful of key aspects to your Dispensary Business Formation…(You don’t want to miss this!)
  • WARNING: 3 things that will automatically disqualify you from getting licensed
  • How to gain non-profit status in under 10 minutes
  • A dozen time tested and proven strategies for dealing with everyone from county planners to zoning committees (They will love you when you use these!)
  • How to partner with local law enforcement so they are on your side and help you and not your competition
  • How to maximize your revenue and triple your monthly revenue…
  • How to cheaply comply with and completed Incorporation, Bylaws, Employee & Patient Applications, Licenses, Taxes, Permits, Zoning, Contracts…
  • How to pay taxes for your business so there are no IRS issues
  • The little known secret that immediately allows you to get thousands of patients (your customers) within 3-6 months of opening
  • How to maximize the Lifetime Customer Value of everyone that walks through your doors
  • How to know what kind of forms patients need to fill out, health and safety codes, and the most up-to-date, current marijuana laws…

There is so much more packed in and you will get it instantly upon purchase directly to your inbox! 100% Guaranteed, No Questions Asked.

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Instead of purchasing this all in one System To Starting A Lucrative Dispensary, you could do it this way:

  1. Spend countless hours research the material and guessing if it’s correct, updated and accurate
  2. Talk to lawyers who will bill you hourly costing a fortune
  3. Try to contact with the top dispensary owners and get them to allow you to both interview them and give you their business plan (we’ve already included it!)
  4. Spend thousands of unnecessary dollars and countless wasted hours setting up your business to ensure it’s done the right way

And you still wouldn’t have access to all the information in this system. It would take you months, even years to complete, thousands of dollars spent, and you still wouldn’t know if it’s all accurate information.

Or you can gain access to this system in seconds and have all the correct material right in front of you to read online or print out and read on your schedule.

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While you might be worried that all this information is going to be too much to comprehend, rest assured it is not.

The system is written in layman’s terms and is extremely easy to understand and follow. There is no super complex legal or technical jargon on any topic –

This valuable information is written with you in mind and is:

  1. Easy to Understand
  2. Easy to Follow
  3. Gives you Every Detail You Need
  4. Gets you Open and Profitable Quickly
  5. Gives you notifications and updates keeping you ahead of the game
  6. Allows you a huge advantage over anything that wants to open a dispensary

That’s why “The Definitive Guide To Starting A Lucrative Dispensary” is truly a bargain at $97. The actual value is more around $500, and we’ll soon have to raise the price to compensate for the amount of work put into this system and all updates. It’s only fair.

And listen…I’ve read everything out there; this is the most comprehensive cost effective investment in starting your own legal dispensary. Period. We guarantee it.

Here Are Three Good Reasons To Believe Us When We Say In Order To Open a Dispensary Legally and Generate MAX revenue, This System is a Must Have:

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My system is 100% guaranteed to work for you …just like it’s worked for the other dispensary owners before you.

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If for whatever reason you don’t feel that this eBook was worth 10 times your investment, simply let me know why within 30 days and what you need to be successful in your venture.

PLUS: I’ll answer up to 5 of your questions personally with detailed answers via email- for free. (I normally charge $1,500 for any kind of consultation- Lawyers charge thousands)

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Thousands of successful medical marijuana dispensary owners have used this exact same system to perfection. They make a ton of money, love their life, and often are owners of several medical marijuana dispensaries.

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Here’s a list of the bonuses that you’ll also get:

FREE BONUS #1: “Full and Complete Medical Marijuana Business Plan Template” – $227 Value

The Business Plan Bonus was developed as people have a difficult time getting through their business plan in order to get their applications approved. In this plan, you will be completely guided step by step in your business plan so you get your applications approved!

You’ll discover:

  • How to fill out the business plan to take to the bank of your choice so you can get funding if you’d like for your dispensary
  • Have a business plan that will make city officials WILL LOVE!
  • Ensure you do not leave out easy to miss information that will cause your application to get rejected.

FREE BONUS #2: “Collective Membership Agreement” – $279 Value

If you want customers, you must have a Collective Membership Agreement. Typically, you would hire a lawyer to draft one for you for about $300. Again, this is REQUIRED to sell to a patient (your customers).

The good news, we already have one drafted for you. And instead of paying a lawyer, it’s yours for free. It’s been exhaustively reviewed by multiple legalization attorneys and used in several dispensaries as you read this.

FREE BONUS #3: “Collective Bylaws” – $339 Value

Understanding the bylaws is important, but completing the forms and letters is not. That’s why we are including a proven fill in the blank template for you. Hours of work saved for you, just enter your business name and off you go!

And that’s what we are giving away…imagine what you are about to get in this system!

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The Dispensary Experts

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