The Secret Business Plan


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The Business Plan is the most challenging yet most important document you will need from pre-application through the length of your business ownership.

If you got a free copy of Get Started, Get Approved, you already know just how significant your business plan will be to your success.

You need it for:

  • Submission with your application (it’s what they study upon making approvals or rejections)
  • To get space to lease and landlords to take your calls
  • To get investors interested in handing you money for all your start up costs
  • To include with all the business forms and zoning permits
  • To work with vendors and not get taken advantage of
  • To ensure your business does not fall into the shady, unprofessional group most dispensary businesses end up it

We’ve used this exact same business and it’s been approved 16 out of 16 application submissions.

And we are giving you ours…it’s too important not to…

Yes, giving it to you. In a Word document, so you can just fill in the words we put in blue font, with your business information. And add anything specific to your particular dispensary.

Regular plans aren’t going to work. The state needs to see a dispensary business plan, which is significantly different than the templates you see online.

Details of this package:

  • Fill in the blank “done for you” winning plan that’s passed the test over and over again
  • The Step By Step Guide on dispensary business plans and why specific parts of your business have to be included
  • Your new business plan in a PowerPoint Slide Deck to easily show vendors and partners you are to be taken seriously
  • Direction within the Word document explaining each section
  • A Proven Business Plan that will take you maybe 15 minutes to finish

What does it do for you?

  • It gets you approved assuming the rest of the application is complete
  • Allows you to get new partners as they’ll see how prepared you are
  • The only way to get an investor is by showing them your business plan
  • Get elite growers to work with you. They want to be sure they are working with someone for the long term
  • Proves you aren’t a fly by night business, that you are serious and professional
  • Instant download with option to print
  • Full 30-day risk-free guarantee

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