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Hi, Paul from The Dispensary Experts here... and NO, I'm not kidding.

You can have our entire "Get Started, Get Approved" blueprint from literally what to do right now to how to present an application that will get approved - both the PDF Downloads AND checklists.  We are also going to walk you through what you need to have to submit the application or pre-application checklist.

This is information from in depth research and it comes directly from the organization that will review your application (did you know they said over 90% of REJECTED APPLICATIONS are due to under 10 common mistakes that are simple to avoid?) It’s been used over and over by hundreds of dispensary owners around the country to generate approvable applications, skip the lines and beat your local competition to the punch. 

You get the full-out Dispensary Permit Blueprint - for FREE.

Why are we giving these away?

Well, it’s a bit selfish admittedly. We want to give you really valuable information you must have to show you how valuable the rest of the solutions are that we sell.
And because we want to build a relationship with you. You don’t know if we provide what you need unless you look at it first. And we can’t ask you to pay for it, because you haven’t seen anything yet!
So we know that some of the people who download this blueprint and checklist for free will eventually want to upgrade to The Full Dispensary Pack, showing you how to own a lucrative dispensary from start to years down the road. It’s our way of building trust.
But you can download this and keep it as a gift. No obligation to even visit our site again nor be on our email list if you prefer not to be. But we do send incredibly valuable and actionable information from time to time. Again, pay nothing for that.

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