Starting a Medical Marijuana Delivery Service: Get To Know Your Common Customers

Woman Signing For Package Delivered By CourierWhen having your own medical marijuana delivery business there are going to be several specific types of people that you are most likely to run into. These are your customers and it’s essential to understand them. And, how to handle each of them.

We are here to guide and help you, pointing out things you may not think about as you start planning your delivery business. But once you start a marijuana delivery business or service, you are going to realize how valuable this information is.

Even if it doesn’t seem that way right now. Trust us…we’ve seen it all…you will find the following people along your journey…

Let’s give each a name and discuss how to handle each of them…

The Question Asker– This is a relatively new business. Not to mention very new at being a legal business. We are still asking questions and having them answered. New issues continue to arise every day.

So it is very natural that all of your customers will have questions. However, you will run into the occasional customer that has a ton of questions.
They may have questions you think are silly, or common knowledge, or repeat questions. The key to remember here is that you want to keep the customer happy. You are a sales person. You now own your own small business.

You need to keep the customers happy! So take the time to answer their questions. It may be hard but convey the image that their questions are smart questions to answer.
Be patient when replying. It is okay, if the questions seem to be never ending, to ask them to write them down for next time when you can spend a little extra time with that client.
It would be appropriate to remind them you have other deliveries to make and need to go after spending a short time answering their inquiries.

Also, it may help to have a printout of common questions for customers of a medical marijuana delivery service, that your clients can take from you on their first order and peruse it in their free time.

This will most likely save a lot of hours for you. Some of these inquisitive clients may be dealing with a loved one who disapproves of their use of medical marijuana.
This will happen due to the unfortunate stigma that exists throughout the country still. Some of the clients may just be lonely, they are after all sick, and are probably not getting out very much.
We will go over in more detail how to handle these types of clients shortly.

The Pothead. Another type of customer you are going to run into on a frequent basis is the, for lack of a better word, a “pothead’.

You know the type I’m sure. This is going to be a client that enjoys smoking marijuana for recreational purposes as well as medicinal ones. Regardless of how you feel on that topic, at this time and place, you are the owner of a marijuana delivery service.

This is a marijuana business, yes, however it is a medical marijuana business.

You are not able to, if you want to have a professional business that can hold up to the prying eyes of law enforcement, give these customers more than they are legally allowed to have.

Whatever amount of medical marijuana each customer is entitled to have is all you can give him or her.

They may offer to pay you extra on the side and promise to not tell a living soul. You may even want to make extra money but you cannot. You are the professional owner of a medical marijuana delivery service and will need to conduct yourself in such a manner.

Feel free to tell them “hey it’s the law! If you have an issue with it then get out and vote!” :)

Let’s explore what most certainly will be your biggest challenge when it comes to difficult customers. This is going to be the concerned relative. This seems to always happen with clients of ours.

The Concerned Relative. Now this can be a spouse, child, parent, neighbor or friend. So, obviously, this is a sensitive issue.

For many years marijuana was looked at as a recreational drug only. It was looked at an illegal drug only. Most of us have long known of its medicinal purposes and worked to encourage that it be legalized.

Let’s face it though a lot of people do not feel that way, or even when they do feel that way then they may claim not to because there is such a stigma associated with it.

They may be embarrassed that their loved one is smoking marijuana and consorting with people who own a weed business.

They may not feel that the best course of treatment for their relative with cancer is to smoke weed.

This is going to especially happen when their loved one has given up on other treatments and they are just trying to be comfortable. If they are at the client’s home, when you deliver, they may verbally attack you.

They may seem very angry with you. But that’s okay.

Almost always this is not really about you, but more about the fact that their friend or relative is ill. In this case, simply and politely remind the person that this is a choice their loved one has made.
That they should respect their loved one’s choice. Perhaps give them the list of frequently asked questions I suggested making.

Remind them that you are running a professional medical marijuana delivery system and ask for the same respect they would give any pharmacist or health care professional.

Your client may want you to sit and talk to their relation, and that is okay. You will not want to divulge any private health information but speaking to you may put to rest any concerns that they have.

Above all, do not take any potential criticism personally. You know what you are doing is legal. You know what you are doing is helpful. Not to mention your clients know it as well. That is what truly matters.

The Know It All. You can also call them simply the difficult customers. First, let me say this, you are often going to have really nice customers. That appreciate your business and how you help them. But…

Sometimes though you will get a super difficult customer. This person is going to second guess you every step of the way. They are going to criticize every decision you make and your product is never ever going to be up to their standards.

There are several reasons why this person may be so critical…

If they are unable to work because of their specific ailment, they may miss work. Especially if they are used to being the boss. They may have an innate need, while somewhat annoying I know, to micro manage.

This may be the only chance they get. With this type of person just keep a smile on your face.

Flattery may go a very long way with this type of client. It does not hurt to agree with their suggestions or simply say you will consider it.

Arguing with this type of person is not going to get you anywhere. Do not waste your valuable time trying. They may also be upset with fate, no one wants to need a product to keep them feeling good, even if it is marijuana!

When owning your own marijuana delivery service it is important to keep in mind that people may have migraines, anxiety, emotional issues and even things like cancer.

Taking out their frustrations with their situation on you is not fair but will happen. Again, do not take it personally and do your best to keep that professional smile on your face.

There are also some people that are just plain mean. There may have been circumstances that made them this way or they may just be full of mean bones.

There is not much you can do about this. Just let it roll of your back. Hey! Maybe your product will mellow them out a little! Bonus side effect! Just remember to not engage with this type of person.

Remember…Be polite, be professional, and above all keep that smile on your face! You may not want this person as a friend but you do want them as a paying customer!

The Cheapskate. A lot of us want to get a good deal whenever possible. However a cheapskate wants to score an unusually cheap price. This is not something you can do when you are running a marijuana business.

They are going to beg, plead and cajole and it will be your job to stay strong! It can get really uncomfortable!

When you are running the type of business that is so heavily governed, especially a business like medical marijuana delivery, you will need to charge the price that you are legally allowed to charge.

This is not being sold as a recreational product (of course unless you live in a recreational state like Colorado!), you are not delivering beer!

In your marijuana delivery business you are delivering a medical product. Always remember that. People certainly cannot ask their pharmacist for cheaper antibiotics.

No one can walk into their local drugstore and ask for a cheaper shelf price on band aids.

It is going to be the same with you. Just be polite and stay firm. Once they realize they cannot change your price they will most likely stop asking.

The Time Sucker. We all know that time is money, right? Especially with a marijuana delivery service business. Generally when you get a new customer for your medical marijuana delivery service you will do an intake form.

You will want their information, medical history and other important information.

This will be a time they can ask questions and make decisions. However, there is a type of person that can never make up their mind.

Some may call them flaky, some may call them wishy-washy, but when you are running your own marijuana business you may call them time suckers.

They are going to want one thing and then they want another and then they hem and haw until you may feel like pulling your hair out!

All right, take a deep breath and exhale. You can deal with this person. You may want to not offer an option depending on what product you have in your inventory.

You may also want to have a list of more than one option, if you have it, and the specific side effects it can offer your customers for relief. Then ask them what type of relief they are most hoping for and sell them the strain the match’s best.

A great idea would be to have them place the order when they call, and when you deliver the product then it is a quick visit.

Let them know that once they have placed the order that the order cannot be cancelled.

The lonely heart. You are going to most likely get a lot of people who are lonely. Since there are dispensaries to choose from and your client went with delivery, there is a chance it is because they cannot get out.

Which means they are probably pretty lonely. It is a nice thing to do to take a little bit of time and talk to the client.

You are a professional marijuana delivery business owner or maybe just started a marijuana delivery business service and want to make a ton of cash. But you are also human.

If that was your loved one who was lonely would you not want someone to take the time to brighten their day?

It is reasonable and nice to ask them how they are feeling and ask them about their day. You can carry on a nice conversation and still stay professional.

This bit of interaction will go a long way in securing repeat business. The key to any successful business is repeat business and word of mouth. This will especially go a long way in the medical marijuana delivery field.

There is one type of lonely heart I will caution you against being too friendly with. Let’s label this type of person the seducer.

It is never a good idea to, and I am sure I do not need to mention it, trade sex for your product. People may ask you to. You will just want to politely decline, trying to avoid embarrassing the client, and continue with your sale.

Understanding these types of customers, knowing what to expect, and how to handle them will help you with your marijuana delivery service.

Now hopefully, most customers will just be your average run of the mill person who takes the delivery and says see you next week…

…However, if you get one we’ve listed, follow my advice and good luck!


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