Terminology You Need to Know When Starting Your Own Medical Marijuana Delivery Business

Here is a short list of terms you will hear while operating a medical marijuana delivery business. Become familiar with this terminology so you can be confident during interactions with clients and other professionals in the industry.

Access Point

This is generally a word used for dispensaries. It is the location where a patient can go to acquire the medical marijuana they need. Since you will be delivering the marijuana, the access point is client’s home.


Bud refers to the actual flower of the marijuana plant, the part that is smoked. This part of the plant generally has a fluffy appearance to them and have the highest concentration of active cannabinoids. The bud is what you will be selling in your medical marijuana delivery business.


This is the chemical compound unique to cannabis (marijuana) plants that trigger a reaction from the human body’s cannabinoid receptors. Many people will experience relief from their ailments, most notably with pain. THC is the most well-known of the cannabinoids, due to the fact that it produces the euphoric feeling or “high” that many people seek for recreational use. However, with more than 80 cannabinoids, there are a multitude of uses for marijuana.

Controlled Substance

A drug or other substance, or immediate precursor, included in schedule IIIIIIIV, or V of the U.S. Government’s Controlled Substances Act.


Co-op is short for the word cooperative, a group of medical marijuana patients who join together to receive and share marijuana. There are specific requirements that each member will need to fulfill. What is required for a co-op will vary from state to state.

Cross Breeding

Cross Breeding occurs when two different strains of marijuana are bred together to produce one new strain. The grower you choose to work with will likely offer you selections that have been cross bred. It is important to research the selection available to you so you are sure to satisfy your clients’ needs when opening your medical marijuana delivery service

Delivery Service

A business that is legally licensed to dispense and deliver medical marijuana.


A location where medical marijuana patients can legally and safely obtain medical marijuana. This is a type of access point.

Doctor Recommended

Since a “prescription” for marijuana is not permitted under U.S. law, many doctors will “recommend” or “approve” marijuana for medical use.  Doctors use this approach because it is protected under the Constitutional right to free speech. This action is considered an important stepping stone in the legalization of medical marijuana across the country.


Some people refer to these as medibles. This is when the marijuana extract is infused into a baked good. Medical Marijuana patients may prefer to eat their medicine rather than smoke it. This is a great options for patients with conditions that may prevent them from being able to use weed in the traditional way of smoking. By consuming edibles, they are still able to reap the benefits of medical marijuana.

Feminized Seeds

Cannabis seeds that are bred to produce only or mainly female plants. Since only the female plants produce buds, using these seeds save growers both time and money, which in turn results in savings for your medical marijuana delivery business and your clients.

Flowering Time

The amount of time needed for cannabis plants to produce fully grown mature flowers. Flowering time varies from strain to strain, and is directly related to how much sunlight each plant receives per day. Flowering time will always be an estimate determined by the growers.


The part of the marijuana plant used for smoking. See buds.


The pure resin from the flowering tops of the female cannabis plant that is smoked, chewed, or swallowed in a liquid.

Hash Oil

A darkish green or black tar-like material made by solvent extraction of cannabis resin. May contain 30-50% THC


Hemp is a product made from the male cannabis plant. It is used to make fabric, paper, soap and a variety of other products. The male cannabis plant is not considered a drug, however it is still illegal in some parts of the country.


A type of plant that has been bred between one or more separate strains of cannabis. This is often done to produce one strain that possesses the qualities that are usually found in two or more strains. Most weed sold today are hybrids. This a great choice for your clients since they will only need one type of marijuana to handle multiple ailments they may be facing.


This is commonly used slang for the rolled marijuana cigarette. Although it is a generally acceptable term, it is more professional to refer to your rolled pot products as marijuana cigarettes. It may also be a more comfortable term for clients that are new to the benefits of medical marijuana.


The common name for the female cannabis plant and more specifically, the buds they produce. Again, only female plants produce buds that can be used for medicinal purposes. Male plants do not and therefore are not referred to as marijuana.

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana and or the extracted THC used for medicinal purposes as recommended by a licensed doctor or medical professional. While relatively new to the legal scene, there has always been knowledge of its benefits and therapies. This is the key product and the livelihood of your new business. Marijuana and medical marijuana are the same thing, however, it is referred to as medical marijuana in states where recreational use is not legal.


A substance or preparation used in treating disease; something that affects well-being. Medical Marijuana is in essence, a medicine. Your clients will likely refer to the weed you deliver to them as their medicine. It is important to remember that your product is indeed a type of medicine, and the service you offer will help many people along the way to feel better.


Commonly used term that describes the small papers used to roll marijuana cigarettes. If you plan to pre-roll for your customers, this is a product you will need. They can be found in smoke shops and some gas stations. Helpful hints, such as where to find papers, will be appreciated by the clients in your medical marijuana delivery service.


A term used in growing that refers to any identifying characteristic or marker on the plant itself such as size, color or leaf structure. In your marijuana delivery business, you probably will not hear this term used very often, however it is helpful to be able to describe the marijuana product to your clients so they know what to expect.


This is a part of the female plant’s anatomy. It is the tiny hair like strands on the flowers. The pistils will range in color. Red and brown are two of the most common colors that occur. When the plants are going to be fertilized the pistils will collect the male plant’s pollen. When the plants are not being fertilized, this is for all plants being grown for medical marijuana, then the pistils can be used to identify ripeness.


A slang for marijuana. You’ll hear this often in your marijuana delivery business, but you should continue to use “marijuana” as it is considered more professional.


Refers to the THC content in the marijuana, or how strong it is. You may be asked in your medical marijuana delivery business, “how potent is this strain?” Be prepared to answer for each strain of marijuana you have in your inventory.


Marijuana that is sold already in cigarette form, and something you may want to offer as a convenience to clients in your weed delivery service.


Refers to the percentage of active THC found in marijuana and the lack of additives, such as chemicals. Additives are quite unwelcome in a quality product! Customers typically prefer the purest product available.


Slang that refers to a type of very potent marijuana. It gives off a very strong odor that some people think smells like a skunk. Customers may ask you from time to time if what they are getting is “skunk”.


An abbreviation for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, THC is the main component responsible for marijuana’s mind-altering effect. It may also help treat symptoms such as nausea and vomiting that are associated with a number of medical conditions. For example, it is known to ease nausea for cancer patients going through chemotherapy and has often made the difference between them eating and not eating.


A lotion or salve comprised of the active compounds in the cannabis plant, and is rubbed onto the skin for treatment.


Slang for marijuana. It is guaranteed that you are going to often hear this term while working in your medical marijuana delivery business. A generally accepted term, but again, “marijuana” is most commonly used by professionals in the industry.


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