The 19 Critical Tactics to Ensure the Success of Your Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Business

1. Dress for success! You may be a hippie. You may not be. Regardless of how you express yourself in your personal life, you ALWAYS want to present yourself professionally when it comes delivery man presenting receiving formto business.

Before you go and “suit up”, hear me out. You DO NOT have to wear a suit and tie. Obviously, that’s not friendly on the wallet, and takes away one of the perks of being in business for yourself.

Business casual attire, like khakis and a polo shirt, is a universally accepted professional look, especially for a delivery driver.

If you have employees in your marijuana delivery business, I suggest they all wear the same thing. This exudes professionalism and solidifies trust from your potential clients. I’d leave the company name off the uniform, though.

2. Use a professional vehicle. It doesn’t have to be new or fancy, but it does have to be CLEAN. You don’t want a vehicle that draws attention to itself. Yes, you are legal, but why attract the police if you don’t have to?

Clean, reliable, and professional. Keep that in mind when selecting a vehicle to use for your marijuana delivery service. Remember, the image you present is important.

Like I mentioned with the uniforms, I would also advise against displaying the name of your weed delivery service on the vehicle. Sure, those trendy custom-made car wraps look awesome and seem like a great way to advertise, but save your money.

The last thing you need as a new business is to attract unwanted attention, or even worse- lose your weed and hard earned money in a robbery.

3. Order business cards. I would suggest keeping them simple. A plain background with your basic info (name, company name, phone number, and email address) is all you really need. If you have a website you may include that as well.

Even though this is a marijuana business, I would caution against using any symbol, such as a pot leaf. That symbol and others like it are generally considered unprofessional and may turn away potential clients before you even have the chance to wow them with your product.

4. Build a website. Creating a website typically won’t cost much, and you may even be able to design it yourself. Simplicity is key here.

List the products your marijuana business offers, along with the side effects and health benefits of each one. Include images and videos if possible. Many websites even suggest what each product may help with.

Although you are providing great information, make sure you clearly state that you are not a medical professional and any medical questions should be directed to a doctor.

Be sure to provide your contact information. Obviously, do not include your address since you are a delivery service and not a dispensary… unless you’re trying to attract unwelcome visitors.

5. Know who you’re selling to. Yes, knowing the required information for each client you interact with is important, but in this case, I’m talking more about who you WANT to sell to. The potential customers.

More and more states are legalizing medical marijuana or recreational use of marijuana. However, each state is different, so keep that in mind when addressing every aspect of your marijuana delivery service.

Be aware of what works and what doesn’t in your specific area. For example, the laid back vibe you offer in California may not appeal to someone looking for a marijuana delivery service in Washington, DC.

6. Be on time! People HATE waiting, especially after they have paid you and are waiting on you deliver their precious goods. Be mindful of your schedule and your client’s schedule when promising a delivery time.

With medical marijuana legalization growing, marijuana delivery services are on the rise. Don’t lose a client to the competition because you can’t show up when promised.

7. Be careful when hiring employees. Employing a trusted friend or family member is the BEST scenario. Trust is always a key factor when searching for candidates, especially in this business.

If you have to look outside your inner circle, be vigilant. Ask for and call on references from each potential employee. Invest in a background check before hiring anyone.

Remember, each person you hire will be representing you and your marijuana delivery business.

8. Be well spoken. Communicating professionally is extremely important when it comes to interacting with clients.

Being well versed in your products is crucial to the success of your marijuana delivery service. Being knowledgeable about what your competitors offer also goes a long way. Hold the same expectation of your employees.

Your clients WILL ask questions and you better know the answers. You are the expert, after all!

9. Use simple yet functional packaging. How your product is presented to the client isn’t something you should overlook.

Simple, discreet packaging, like brown or white paper bags, are an excellent choice. There is no need to have anything custom made with your company’s name.

A simple label where your client’s name can be printed or neatly written is all you need.

Keep the weed sealed. Let your client know to expect a sealed package upon delivery. This is especially helpful when you have employees driving for you. DO NOT let any employees have access to whatever you use to seal the bag.

This ensures that both you and your client feel secure that the product they ordered is what they receive- intact and untampered with.

It’s a great idea to enclose your business card and/or a reorder reminder in each package to help ensure repeat business.

10. Advertise. Be aware of who your target audience is. Start by putting yourself in the client’s shoes: How would you find a marijuana delivery service?

Be observant of what similar companies are doing. Are they running ads in the paper, or in medical publications? Are the dispensaries advertising? If so, how?

It is smart to stay simple here as well. Keep any advertisements professional and respectable.

There may be guidelines and limitations when it comes to advertising marijuana delivery services in your state. Keep the any restrictions in mind when planning your advertising.

11. Have your clients sign for the products they receive. This helps to eliminate any disputes after delivery.

How many times have you heard customers in ANY type of business complain that an order is incorrect, that they were shortchanged, or that they didn’t receive their purchase at all?

Having the customer verify that the order was received and correct at the time of delivery will ensure that these worries never come into play.

12. Protect yourself and your products. Think about and carefully plan what precautions you will take when it comes to securing your products, records, and yourself.

A security system for your place of business (whether you work from an office or from home) is a smart investment. The same goes for your vehicle- you can never be too cautious.

It is also important to have security on your computer to protect your clients’ private information. A data breach would be a surefire way to lose your business!

13. Be mindful of your appearance. Image is an important factor for you and your employees to consider. I already mentioned attire in #1, but let’s take it a step further.

This should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway- be sure you and your employees practice proper hygiene. First impressions go a long way in the eyes of a client.

Cover up any tattoos that could be considered disrespectful or offensive. Keep long hair pulled back and out of your face. Facial hair should be neatly groomed. Keep jewelry and makeup to a minimum.

Any business, including a marijuana delivery service, demands professionalism at all times. It is important not to overlook the little things.

14. Keep current and complete records. It is important to maintain an organized workspace and keep up-to-date on all paperwork.

You never know when the I.R.S. or any other regulatory authority will come knocking at your door. A marijuana delivery business can be under intense scrutiny, so take the time to be accurate and detailed when recording client information, invoices, receipts, etc.

You may find it beneficial to hire a professional to assist you.

15. Comply with all regulations in your state. Be sure to apply for and obtain every license you need to open and operate a medical marijuana delivery business.

You will need licenses for your city and state. Some states even require a license for the county or counties you plan to open a pot business in. Store these in a safe place (remember #15?) and make extra copies to keep with you at all times.

It’s a good idea to keep a copy in the vehicle you use in case you get pulled over by law enforcement. Doing this makes it easy to quickly and legally prove that you are allowed to have marijuana in your vehicle.

16. Maintain your vehicle. In addition to its appearance, it is also important to keep your marijuana delivery service vehicle in tip top shape. Having a reliable vehicle is essential to running your business efficiently.

Be sure to keep your vehicle in good condition by getting regular oil changes, rotating/replacing tires, etc. Perform maintenance as recommended by your car’s manufacturer’s guidelines.

Make sure to keep records of all repairs and maintenance in your glove box. Keep a copy with all of your other records as well.

17. Don’t smoke your own product! This may seem like a “no-brainer” but I’ll say it anyway because I can’t stress it enough.

Even if recreational pot use is legal in your state or you have a medical marijuana card, find out what the rules and regulations are about supplying weed to yourself.

If you choose to ignore this advice and smoke your own supply anyway, be smart- keep records, and don’t smoke yourself out of business!

18. Know your competition. It is important to know what other marijuana delivery companies are offering. Scope out their costs and services.

You can have a friend with a medical marijuana card get a lot of information for you. Do some research and read reviews online.

Take note of what people like and dislike and use that information to give your weed delivery business an edge over the competition.

19. Check out more information on our website. You’ll find more information on how to develop your marijuana delivery business, and tools to help you every step of the way.


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