The Pros of Marijuana

Marijuana has long been considered a controversial drug. Currently the drug is legal in almost half the states for medicinal purposes! Only a small handful of states have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Many people who oppose the legalization of the drug often call it a gateway drug. However, the majority of marijuana smokers only smoke marijuana and therefore disagree with this statement.


It is Safer than Alcohol

So it is Friday night and you want to relax. A better choice for you all around is marijuana, not alcohol. Marijuana has so many more pros than alcohol ever could. Yes, marijuana is illegal for recreational use in most states and what you do what that bit of knowledge is in your hands. However, here are some reasons why marijuana is safer than alternative substances.

One, it relaxes you! A pro to marijuana is the person who smokes it is going to get a “high”. This relaxes the smoker and makes them feel laid back. Relaxation is good for one’s soul and overall well-being. There is only so much you can put your body through before it starts to break down and health issues arise. Taking time to relax and bring your blood pressure down is a pro to using pot.

Two, unlike alcohol users, you do not see news stories about people smoking marijuana, then becoming violent and fighting. Violence is something that can occur with alcohol. Marijuana, on the other hand, chills you out.

Three, while alcohol clouds people’s judgement marijuana can often bring things into a crystal clear perspective. Rarely do you hear stories of individuals making rotten judgement calls after smoking marijuana. Alcohol? You will hear a story like that daily.

Four, it won’t kill you! There are countless deaths associated with alcohol use. People drink too much and get alcohol poisoning or liver failure. More often, they drink and drive and end up killing themselves or someone else.

What does too much marijuana cause? Only a person being extra laid back or falling asleep. There is not a single documented case of marijuana causing a fatality.

It has Amazing Medicinal Uses

The health pros to marijuana usage are almost endless. Marijuana is organic, so you know exactly what you are putting into your body.

CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabidiol) are two active ingredients in the cannabis plant that help people to feel better. The first one CBD relieves symptoms without giving a “high”. The second compound, THC, does produce “high” which many marijuana users seek.

It can prevent blindness! Yep, you heard that right. That’s just one HUGE benefit of many that glaucoma patients receive from medical cannabis.

The use of medical marijuana can help relieve seizure symptoms. There are parents fighting tooth and nail to get their children on a medical cannabis regimen. Remember, they can take it without the “high”. Ending your child’s pain? Huge pro to marijuana!

The active agent, cannabidol, can help prevent the spread of cancer by deactivating a gene called ID-1. Mind blowing, right?! Millions of people can benefit from medical cannabis for this reason alone.

Marijuana helps to ease anxiety. As noted before, marijuana contains relaxing properties which can be life changing to individuals suffering with anxiety.

Medical marijuana has been shown to reduce the spread of AIDS in a patients living with the disease. AIDS is often referred to as one of the worst diseases this world has ever seen. Imagine the impact nationwide legalization would have on lives of AIDS sufferers.

Weed has been used to break addiction. Narcotic pain pills have awful side effects and are horribly addicting. Medical marijuana is super effective in breaking a person’s addiction to such drugs.

Medical cannabis can also help to reduce further brain damage after a concussion or stroke.

It helps ease nausea. Most notably, nausea associated with chemotherapy is significantly reduced or even eliminated in cancer patients going through the treatment. Chemotherapy is an extremely difficult treatment to endure, so having medical cannabis to ease any discomfort is a huge benefit.

Medical marijuana has been used to delay the progression of Alzheimer’s disease by slowing the formation of amyloid plaques by blocking the enzymes that make them.  Alzheimer’s affects more and more people every year, so having a substance that can slow it down is incredible.

Marijuana helps people suffering with chronic pain. It is a great herb to use to eliminate or reduce pain completely. Having some form of pain relief naturally, without using narcotic pills, is a great way to feel better and enjoy a better quality of life.

It is Versatile

Most people know that marijuana can be smoked. People smoke it in pipes or roll it up into joints. Smoking marijuana is by far the most popular way to use the substance.

What about the patients who can’t smoke? Some are unable to because of their particular medical condition. Others may find it difficult or unappealing. Thankfully, there are other options.

Individuals may still reap the benefits of marijuana by eating it. Treats cooked with marijuana infused butter still get the same benefits as those who smoke it. You can put it into brownies, cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies and more! It can have an unpleasant favor sometimes, so using chocolate is a smart choice. This can be great for those patients that are unable to smoke. Also, since medical marijuana can claim the pro of helping with appetite then this is a win-win!

You can vaporize it! You can use a vaporizer to vaporize the weed and inhale the vapor that comes up. This is a great way to avoid smoking, but still take advantage of the benefits of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana can be made into a tonic. This tonic can then be placed in a medicine dropper. The desired amount is then dropped onto food or directly on the tongue. This is a good option for someone who does not want to consume edibles or smoke.

Another way to use medical marijuana? Rub it onto your skin! No, not the plant itself, but a soothing balm made with the cannabis plant. The active compounds that give health benefits are absorbed directly in to the body through the skin. These balms can work as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents.

Tea and sodas infused with marijuana are other options for medical marijuana patients. That’s right, they can get the effects of marijuana simply by drinking a beverage made with the plant! If you plan on making your own tea, be sure to research how to do it properly. It is pretty easy to do, but it’s not as simple as just steeping the buds in hot water.

Hash is an option for patients using medical marijuana who require immediate pain relief. Hash is made from the resin from the cannabis plant, and is very potent in THC. The resin is collected and compressed into small blocks. This results in a very strong, concentrated substance. Many patients will use a small amount of hash, for immediate pain relief, followed by another form of ingestion for more long term effects.

As you can see there are many pros to marijuana! It is by far a better choice than alcohol or any other drug. The main pro to marijuana are its healing properties. Diseases and ailments from one end of the spectrum to the other can be relieved or even cured by the use of medical cannabis.

There are so many ways for the medical marijuana patient to use weed. There are so many options for consumption, that anyone can use it in a way that is comfortable for them.

The list of pros for marijuana is virtually endless.

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