Weed Delivery in San Francisco

Golden Gate, San Francisco, California, USA.

Do you live in the San Francisco/Bay area? If so, here is a comprehensive list of companies that can deliver medical marijuana to you.

MediThrive Direct-

The website is medithrive.com. The phone number is 415-562-MEDI. They deliver high quality medical marijuana anywhere in the city.

Green Leaf Express-

The website is greenleafexpress.org. Be sure to ask about their “Strain of the Week”! You will need to become a member by calling 650-550-4459. Members can order online and new members receive a free gift.

Lifted Health and Wellness-

The website is lifted40.org. You can become a member in three simple steps. Check out their daily deals and menu of delicious edibles. This company delivers seven days a week. Their phone number is 888-250-8983.

The Apothecarium-

The website to this establishment is apothecariumsf.com. They are located in beautiful downtown San Francisco on Market Street, and are a member of the Better Business Bureau. They have a newsletter you can subscribe to. Also if you are interested, they have some clothing items for sale as well! The number to call is 415-500-2620. There is a form online to fill out if you are interested in becoming a vendor.

The Green Cross-

The website to this company is greencross.org. 415-648-4420 is the number to call to reach this business. This company has an extensive menu for you to choose from. They have some nice clothing choices to peruse as well. Becoming a member of the Green Cross is extremely easy. Their storefront menu changes daily and they deliver anywhere in the city of San Francisco Monday-Saturday. Sign up for their free newsletter on their website.

Vapor Room-

The website for this collective is vaporroom.com. The phone number is 415-626-2100. Visit the website for the menu, delivery information, and patient resources.

SBJ Organics-

The website to this dispensary is sweetbabyjaneorganics.com. In addition to traditional delivery services, this company offers mail delivery to California, Oregon and Washington State. All of their buds are guaranteed 100% organic. They even offer organic gourmet edibles that are made fresh twice a week.

Miggy’s Delivery-

The website is miggydelivers.org. Miggy’s is a non-profit Medical Marijuana Collective that delivers exclusively to its members in the Bay Area and is dedicated to product quality, compassion for patients, and safe access to medicine. They also sell wax and edibles.

There are many more delivery services in surrounding areas. Referrals and word of mouth is always the best way to get an idea if a company is right for you and your medical needs. All of the websites are extensive and explain the different services each company has to offer. Many have menus and pictures of their products.

Take time to explore what each company has to offer to suit your medical marijuana delivery needs. You may even try more than one place before you find one you like. Having quality medical cannabis delivered right to your San Francisco Bay Area residence- does it get any better than that?!

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