What Will You Sell in Your Medical Marijuana Business? Get to Know Your Strains!

Marijuana viewed through a magnifying glassThere are many types of marijuana strains that are cultivated all over the world. Some are pure, but many are hybrids.

Let’s delve into the world of marijuana strains so you can get to know the product you’ll sell in your medical marijuana business!


This strain has more levels of THC (the cannabinoid or active compound of the cannabis plant that gives users a “high”) then it does CBD (this is the cannabinoid thought to help medically). This strain is known to perk the user up. This is a good choice for a patient suffering from depression.

If you are looking to feel good and energize your brain, this may be the strain for you!


Indica is known for its healing properties, because its CBD levels are very high. It is has a calming effect and is a great choice for a patient suffering from anxiety. For a patient that has trouble sleeping due to mental illness or severe pain, this strain will help to alleviate those symptoms.

Hybrids- Hybrids are developed when two strains have been genetically bred to produce a new strain. Hybrids are a great choice for the medical marijuana patient since that particular strain can offer multiple healing benefits!

Northern Lights-

Northern Lights has long been a popular hybrid for marijuana users for both medicinal and recreational purposes! It is an Indica variety, and is known to give users a strong calming effect. This is often recommended to patients with sleep issues.

Shining Silver Haze-

This hybrid is a type of Sativa. If you need to get some creative juices to flow, or need to break out of the mental sluggishness, this is a great marijuana strain to try.

Haze Berry-

Hello, beautiful hybrid! This strain is a result of combining blueberry and haze marijuana together. This is an amazing choice for your medical marijuana clients.

This weed strain will start you off by giving you a boost. It has the added benefit of slowing down into a mellow feeling at the end. This will help the patient not to overdo it or tire themselves out.


This hybrid is also known as OG Kush. It is a sativa strain. This is a wonderful option to introduce to your patients, because it has the effect of removing the pain and anxiety caused by many medical ailments. With pain no longer front of mind, the patient can focus on recovery and enjoying life!

Grand Daddy Purp-

This Indica strain is one of the most widely requested for medical marijuana use in California. Three things that cancer patients (especially patients going through chemotherapy) need in a marijuana strain is something that can help with is nausea, appetite and pain. Anyone who has gone through cancer, or has seen a loved one suffer from it, knows that the ability to eat, sleep and get a break from pain are crucial to recovery! This wonderful pot strain will help your medical marijuana patient with all three!

There are many other strains out there, and everyone will have their own preferences when it comes to their favorite medical marijuana. In your medical marijuana business, it is important to have a variety of product to offer your patients! With so many medical conditions a client can have, it is smart for you to be prepared for any request you may receive!

Good luck with your medical marijuana business!

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