Why is a Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Better than a Dispensary?

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Are you considering opening your own medical marijuana delivery service? Smart idea. With new laws allowing medical marijuana dispensaries and delivery services in almost 20 states, a growing industry is emerging.

If you live in a state that allows marijuana delivery services, you have an amazing opportunity in front of you. Currently, dispensaries are much more prevalent then delivery services. That will soon be changing, so now is the time to jump in!

What captured your interest in starting your own marijuana delivery service? Freedom and flexibility? Yes, you’ll have a great deal of freedom. You will be your own boss. You can set your own hours and write your own paychecks.

What other reasons are floating around in your head right now? Making money? Yep! There is the potential to make great money in this emerging industry. Customers will definitely appreciate the fact that you offer delivery. Many of your clients may not feel well enough to go out and pick up their medicinal marijuana. This is where your medical marijuana delivery service will be a huge blessing to them.

How about helping people? This is a great reason to open a marijuana business. If you are a current marijuana user, you are well aware of many of the benefits associated with the use of medical cannabis.

Now why exactly is a delivery service better than a dispensary? Let’s take a closer look.

Less Worry of Theft

The more media attention the legalization of medical marijuana gets, the more people are taking notice. Unfortunately, some of these people are criminals. Just like a bank or a jewelry store, a medical marijuana dispensary has a high risk of theft or vandalism.

Untrustworthy people will be out to steal your product and your profits. When you own a dispensary, you must publicly list your address. How else would your customers know where to find you? Your storefront address would be printed on business cards, advertising, and any other paperwork you hand out. This means ANYONE can find you, including the people who want to steal from you.

Yes, you can get a security system. However, if you open a medical marijuana delivery service, you will virtually eliminate that worry. With a marijuana delivery service, you only have to list a phone number. Your address will remain private, so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted visitors showing up.

Another good reason? Less harassment! You know your business is above board and completely legit. Local law enforcement should know, too. Whether they do or not, you may run into a law enforcement officer who doesn’t know or doesn’t care showing up at your storefront, causing issues. This would be a huge pain for you. It could interfere with business, cutting into your profits. It could also scare away potential customers.

With a medical marijuana delivery service, you have a drastically reduced chance of running into the police. If you follow all traffic laws, keep your tags renewed, and your insurance current and your taillights unbroken there is a good chance you may never encounter law enforcement.

One more reason? Protestors! Maybe “protestors” is too strong a word. There are, however, some extremely stubborn people who refuse to open their eyes to just how beneficial medicinal marijuana can be. Having someone like that show up at your storefront and cause a stir would be a pain to deal with.

If you deliver medical marijuana, you don’t have to worry about this issue. If someone approaches your vehicle and you do not wish to engage in debate with them, you can simply drive away!

Delivery is Cheaper for You

If you open a medical marijuana dispensary in a strip mall, office building, or other business area, you’ll have a lot of expenses you wouldn’t have if you open a marijuana delivery service instead.

With a storefront comes a multitude of bills. You’d have a mortgage, lease, or rent for the space you use, which could be thousands of dollars a month. Add insurance to that. Then tack on the electric bill, phone bill, and internet bill. This is adding up to be a lot of money coming out of your profits!

Wouldn’t it be better to not have those expenses? If you open a medical marijuana delivery service, you don’t need a building, just a vehicle. You probably already have a vehicle you can use. There will be fuel costs, but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to leasing a space.

You’ll still need a phone and internet access, but you can work out of your home, where you likely already have both of these. I would suggest getting a separate phone line, if not two for your business. Insurance wise you will only need car insurance, which you should already have if you own a vehicle.

Now, all of these expenses you already have can be considered business expenses, which means a tax write-off! Switching from a dispensary business to a marijuana delivery service is like putting cash into your pocket!

More Flexibility

One of the most amazing benefits of marijuana is its ability to relax you. Whether you are a smoker or not, who doesn’t like to be relaxed? Opening your own weed business and being able to keep stress at bay is a huge plus.

If you had a dispensary, you would have set hours that the business have to be open. With a medical marijuana delivery business, you will have more flexibility with the time you work. You can decide when to be available to make deliveries. You can schedule deliveries for different times on different days, and it can change from week to week (taking your clients’ needs into consideration, of course).

When you do paperwork for a dispensary, it is most likely you will be stuck there to do it. With a delivery service, you can stay home in your pajamas and work!

If you are the type person that is uncomfortable interacting with people face to face, owning a marijuana delivery service is a great option for you. Most communication is done over the phone, and you can even hire an employee (or employees) to make deliveries for you so you never have to deal with a client in person.

Convenience Sells

If you have ever run in to your local corner store to pick up a gallon of milk, then you already know that convenience sells. Not to mention you are well aware that you’re paying extra for that convenience! But you, like many people in this country, are glad to pay it. Most people live very busy lives, and paying extra to save a little time can be well worth it.

If you own a medical marijuana dispensary, the client has to come to you. Sometimes, patient may be too busy to work it into their schedule, or too sick to get to leave their home.

With your medical marijuana delivery service, you are fulfilling an existing need. Many medical marijuana users in your area would happily pay for their weed to be brought right to their door. This gives you an edge that dispensaries will never have.

Customers will be calling you consistently to have you bring them their medicine. They will be grateful that your medical marijuana delivery service eliminates the need for them to go out and get the product.

Nervous Nellies No More

Some medical marijuana consumers have been smoking weed for years. They have long known of its health benefits and have spoken out on legalization. We applaud them! They wouldn’t think twice before walking into a dispensary to pick up their marijuana. They’re not worried about what people think, and already know what they want to buy.

However, there are a great deal of medical marijuana patients who are very new to this. There are also people who have previously spoken out against legalizing marijuana, who now need it to live a quality life because of an illness they’ve developed. Both types of these people may be hesitant to visit a dispensary.

This is when you swoop in to save the day with your marijuana delivery service! From the privacy of their own homes, customers can now order the medical cannabis from you. You can speak to them and go over the different strains you offer and the benefits of each one. Eliminating the need to visit a dispensary will make them customers for life!

Ready to open your own Delivery Service?

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